Gas fire service includes free carbon monoxide alarm

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Gas fires are a carbon monoxide danger

If you have a gas fire, when did you last have it serviced?

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Did you know that gas fires are a common cause of carbon monoxide poisoning? People aren’t always aware that they need to get them checked regularly, so they can often go quite some time without being serviced. This, of course can lead to problems, things going wrong and, unfortunately, a higher risk of carbon monoxide leaking.

As you may know, carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless, yet deadly. It’s not called the silent killer for nothing! Read our previous blog about the dangers.


Annual service

We recommend that you have your gas fire serviced annually. This will keep it working perfectly and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning to you and your family.

It’s a great idea to get your fire serviced at the same time as having your annual boiler service, saving you time and multiple appointments. We can do both for you, so give us a call on 020 8462 8822 or request a call back to arrange your appointment.


Free carbon monoxide alarm with gas fire services

gas fire service free carbon monoxide alarm

We also recommend that you have an audible carbon monoxide alarm in each room where you have a gas appliance – usually where your boiler is and in each room you have a gas fire or other gas appliance.

An audible alarm will wake you up if there’s a problem while you’re asleep. They’re easy to fit – simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions. But, of course we can fit one for you too.

And, because we think it’s so important to look after your gas fires as well as your boiler, we’re offering anyone with a gas fire a FREE audible carbon monoxide alarm when you have a gas fire service with us.

So don’t delay, get your gas fire checked out now and receive your free carbon monoxide alarm. Contact us to arrange an appointment on 020 8462 8822, request a callback or email info@stevensonheating.co.uk.