Boiler Spares Diminishing on Some Models

By JR | Blog

Manufacturers have advised us that, for some older Potterton models, only limited boiler spares are now being produced.

Boiler parts

And in many cases, major parts are no longer being produced. The affected boilers are:

Potterton Netaheat

Potterton Netaheat/Profile

Potterton Profile

Potterton Kingfisher 1 & 2

If you have one of these models and are concerned about spares’ availability please call us on 020 8462 8822, email us or request a callback for advice.



Block Salt Shortage

By JR | Blog

Do you have a water softener that uses block salt? There is currently a national block salt shortage due to supply problems.

Block salt for water softeners

BUT, we still have a few packs of block salt in stock and we’re expecting more.

A pack of 2 blocks costs £5.99 inc VAT.

Contact us or pop into our shop in West Wickham if you need some for your water softener.



10 Months’ Interest-Free Now Available

By JR | Blog

10 months’ interest-free on boilers and air conditioning installations

Stevenson interest-free graphic

Worried that a new boiler is too expensive?

Well, we’re delighted to tell you that we can now offer you 10 months’ interest-free credit* for boiler and air conditioning installations. This is great news, as it will help you spread the cost of a new boiler or air conditioning unit.

Also, as a Worcester accredited installer, many of our boilers come with a 10-year guarantee. Whereas many other boilers will have the standard 2-year guarantee. This will give you peace of mind that you have protected your investment for many years to come.

So, let us install your next boiler or air conditioning and you will have peace of mind that you can save money by spreading the cost, interest-free. 

Contact us on 020 8462 8822 or request a callback to get a free boiler quote or discuss eligibility for our interest-free offer.

*Subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. 



Spring Heating Tips

By JR | Blog

Spring is well on its way. That means lighter nights, blossom on the trees and warmer temperatures. But what does this mean for your heating? Before you turn it off, read our tips on how to look after it during warmer months.

Stevenson Spring Heating Tips


1. Don’t turn your heating off completely in spring

While you may be tempted to turn your heating off completely in spring, some valves may stick if they’re not used. And you won’t know there’s a problem until you switch it back on when you really need it later in the year.

Be sure to run your heating at least once a week during the warmer months. Just a few minutes will do, first thing in the morning.


2. Keep radiator values open

During warmer months, while your heating is off, keep all your radiator valves open and turn up the thermostats (if you have them on your radiators) to maximum. This will stop them sticking when you are using your heating fully in the autumn and winter.


3. Have your heating serviced in summer

An annual service is the best way to ensure your heating system remains in tip-top condition. But don’t be tempted to wait until the start of the winter before having yours serviced.

A service in June or July is the ideal time to rectify any problems that have occurred during warmer months and means your heating will be working properly when you really need it.


4. Turn down your hot water to save energy

Did you know you can turn down the temperature your hot water is heated to? You might want a piping hot shower or bath in the winter, but during spring and summer, turning your hot water down a degree or two will help cut your fuel bills. And because it’s warmer, you won’t really notice the difference in your bath or shower.

Simply adjust your boiler controls to alter the temperature. The water temperature will normally be set at 65 degrees but you can turn it down to 60 degrees in warmer months.


5. Protect your family with a carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon monoxide is the silent killer. You can’t see it or smell it. We recommend you have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in each room where you have a gas appliance.

We can fit them for you easily and relatively cheaply – the best way to protect your family!

Why not take advantage of our boiler and radiator offers this spring?

For help with your heating installations, repairs or servicing, contact us on 020 8462 8822 or request a call back.



Improve Your Radiators’ Efficiency

By JR | Blog

Does it take a long time for your radiators to warm up?

Is your home as warm as you would like it to be? Our tips will help keep your radiators in tip-top condition and make them more energy efficient.


1. Have your radiators checked

Thermal imaging technology can provide you with photographic evidence of how well your radiators are working.

The first radiator is not working efficiently, only heating to 37.5C. The second radiator is working properly after being cleaned, giving a more even and warmer heat of 66.7C.

Radiators thermal imaging before
Radiator before powerflushing


Radiators thermal imaging after
Radiator after powerflushing


We can arrange for thermal imaging cameras to check your radiators for you. Contact us to arrange a visit.


2. Get your heating system powerflushed

Over time, sludge builds up in your heating system, causing your radiators not to work as efficiently. You may also experience cold spots in them.

A powerflush will clean your system through and get rid of the sludge and debris that has built up, helping to improve performance.

Powerflushing system in action
Powerflushing system in action


3. Consider getting new radiators

How old are your radiators? Have you had your boiler replaced but kept the same radiators? Like other appliances, your radiators deteriorate over time, so consider having them replaced.

Newer models work more efficiently, meaning they will be even better than your originals. Modern designs can also add aesthetically to your room. The radiators we supply come in a range of colours. With 180 different colours to choose from, there’ll be one to match your colour scheme!


4. Have thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) fitted

TRVs help you to control the heat within each room, so you can keep your most frequently used rooms warmer and be more energy efficient.

Thermostatic radiator valve
Thermostatic radiator valve


Turn down the TRV in your spare bedroom, or other rooms you don’t use as often, and keep the door closed. This will use less energy and save you money.

Until the end of April, we are offering 30% off the cost of new radiators.

To get a quote, book an installation or thermal imaging check, or for other help with your radiators or heating system, give us a call on 020 8462 8822, request a call back or email us.

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