Management Changes at Head Office

By JR | Blog

New Addition to the Management Team

We’re excited to tell you about the latest management changes here at Stevenson Heating’s Head Quarters. The changes will make us an even stronger team to serve you.

Additionally, they coincide with the third anniversary of our move from Hayes to our office and shop in West Wickham!

New Management Team - Stevenson Heating. George Tolley left, Neil Stevenson right

The main change is that George Tolley joins us on the Management Team, as Director of Operations. George (who is pictured above left, with Neil Stevenson, right) has been with us for 12 years.

Firstly, he joined us as an installations engineer. Then he became a technical surveyor and then finally Installations Manager, before taking on his new role.


Responsibility for Operations

George now has overall responsibility for our operations, from first contact to delivery. Also, he ensures that our engineers have suitable qualifications. He supports them in their professional development and enables them to carry out their work.

“I’m delighted to have this opportunity to step up,” says George. “Stevenson Heating have allowed me to progress in my career. And now I’m able to support our engineers in theirs. I look forward to helping Stevenson’s develop and expand their operations.”


The Management Team now consists of:

 Neil Stevenson – Director of Services
 George Tolley – Director of Operations
 Gary Chaney – Purchasing Manager
 Andy Oliver – Head of Finance
 Paul Stevenson – Head of IT

Plus, of course, we have the office team taking your calls and booking in your servicing and appointments, as well as our experienced team of engineers.

Neil Stevenson, who has been involved with the business since the death of his father Peter and who is now a co-director with George, says “We’re pleased to have George join us on the Management Team and take over responsibility for our operations. We look forward to his input and helping us develop the business.”

To speak to any of the Management Team or book an engineer appointment, please call us on 020 8462 8822, request a callback or email us.



Service Care Plans to Spread the Cost

By JR | Blog

Save Money With Our Service Care Plans

Did you know that we offer a suite of Service Care Plans? They are designed to help you spread the cost of your annual heating service and repairs.

Service Plans cover smaller

We recognise that it can be expensive to maintain your heating system, especially if your boiler is a few years old:

🔷 Your boiler could break down unexpectedly
🔷 Parts might break
🔷 A radiator may not heat up
🔷 The controls might stop working

Of course, a breakdown is particularly inconvenient in the colder autumn and winter weather too, when you rely on your heating!

So, our service plans will help you maintain your heating system and spread the cost of your annual service and any repairs.

Three levels of cover to suit your needs

We have three levels of cover, starting from just £9 per month:

🔷 Basic Plan – ideal if your boiler is still under warranty
🔷 Standard Plan – covers for your annual service and labour costs
🔷 Advanced Plan – includes your annual service, labour and parts.

Plus, there are add-ons for your household electrics and gas fires, as well as landlord options, if you wish.

To find out more, download our brochure. Or to sign up, call us on 020 8462 8822, request a callback or email us now.



Gas Safety Week 2020

By JR | Blog

Gas Safety Week: Fighting for a Gas Safe Nation

It’s Gas Safety Week 2020 this week (14-20 September), which we are once again supporting.

Gas Safety Week 2020 yellow logo


Helping the public stay gas safe

Gas Safety Week raises awareness of gas safety and why it’s important to take care of your gas appliances. It’s organised by the Gas Safe Register, which is the official list of gas engineers legally allowed to work on gas.  

Did you know, badly fitted and poorly serviced gas appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning? CO is a highly poisonous gas that can kill quickly and without warning. You cannot see it, taste it or smell it.  

Gas Safety Week 2020


Gas safety week tips to keep you and your family safe

✔️ Check your gas appliances every year. Be sure a Gas Safe engineer checks and services your gas appliances once a year. Tenants – make sure your landlord arranges this.

✔️ Look out for friends and relatives – especially if they can’t arrange their own gas safety check or may be unaware of what they need to do. Help your loved ones to have their appliances checked and serviced regularly.

✔️ Check your engineer is Gas Safe registered. All our engineers at Stevenson Heating are on the Gas Safe Register.

✔️ Check your engineer is qualified for the type of gas work you need doing – e.g. natural gas, domestic boiler, gas fire. You can find this information on the back of their Gas Safe ID card and on the Gas Safe Register website.

✔️ Check for warning signs that could indicate your (or others’) appliances are not working correctly. Signs may include: lazy yellow / orange flames instead of crisp blue ones; black marks on or around the appliance; a pilot light that keeps going out; and too much condensation in the room.

✔️ Know the six main symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning – headaches, dizziness, breathlessness, nausea, collapse and loss of consciousness.

✔️ Install an audible carbon monoxide alarm and make sure your friends and relatives have one too. They need to have the EN50291 mark and display the British Standards’ Kitemark.

We’ll be sharing some tips and advice on how to stay safe on our social media throughout the week. Please follow us to get the updates:

Facebook – Stevenson Heating Ltd

Twitter – @StevensonHtg

Instagram – @Stevensonheating

For gas safety advice or to book an engineer to check your gas appliances, call us on 020 8462 8822, email us on info@stevensonheating.co.uk or request a call back.



Summer offers: upgrade your heating and save

By JR | Blog

Save on new radiators and boilers with our summer offers

summer offers from Stevenson Heating. Save on new boiler and radiators

We’re delighted to bring you not one but two summer offers for improving your heating! Summer is the ideal time to upgrade your heating system, as you’re not relying on it for warmth.

So if you’ve been thinking about having a new boiler and/or radiators, why not take advantage of our these big savings, which include:

✔️ £500 off a new boiler installation
✔️ 30% off new radiators

The offers are valid either together or separately and a quote must be accepted by 30 September 2020. Other terms and conditions apply, so please contact us for details.

We’ll have more offers coming soon too. Watch this space!


Why should I upgrade now?

Most people wait until something goes wrong with their boiler or radiators before choosing to upgrade. We understand that it can be costly but have you thought about how much money you might be wasting with inefficient boilers or radiators?

Most boilers over 10 years old waste a lot of valuable energy. The modern condensing boilers that we install improve efficiency to over 90%, which will save you lots of money each year on your heating bills.

The same can be said of old radiators if they’re not working properly. Over time, they will become less efficient, as sludge builds up. So they won’t heat your rooms properly. We recommend having a regular power flush to help prevent this. New radiators will also be more efficient and save you money in the long-run.

Call us on 020 8462 8822, request a callback or email us for a quote using ref: SUMMER2020 to take advantage of our summer offers.



How to keep cool at home in the summer heat

By JR | Blog

With temperatures rising again and many of us still working from home without air conditioning, we thought we’d share with you some tips on how to keep cool and stay productive.


Open your windows & close your curtains

It might sound obvious but the first thing to do when it’s hot is to open your windows. This will allow air to circulate and may create a gentle breeze.

If the sun normally streams in through your windows, keep your curtains or blinds closed while you have the windows open. This will stop the sun streaming in and adding to the heat. A high percentage (around 25%) of unwanted heat can come from your windows – they act a bit like a greenhouse!


Drink more water

When it’s hot, your body naturally perspires more. This can make you dehydrated, so be sure to drink plenty of cold water throughout the day. If you think water is boring, you can add squash, slices of fruit or herbs to give it some flavour.

Avoid tea, coffee, other caffeinated drinks and alcohol as far as possible, as these will also dehydrate you.


Cool your body temperature

One of the easiest ways to keep cool is to reduce your body temperature. Do this by drinking cold water (see above) or by cooling your pulse points.

Placing an ice pack or cold compress on the pulse points at the back of your neck, behind your knees or on your wrists will help to cool you down.

If you don’t have any ready-made ice packs, make your own from a cold wet towel or some ice or frozen vegetables in a plastic bag, wrapped in a thin cloth or tea towel to protect your skin.


Use a fan to create a cross breeze

If you place a fan right next to you on your desk, it’s likely to be noisy and blow your papers around! Instead, place your fan near a window or in a hallway. This will create a cross breeze to draw in cooler air to the warmer areas.

A tower fan is a good option, as these sit on the floor to blow air more effectively around your room.

Remember, a fan simply moves air around rather than actually cooling it. So a good tip to create some cool air is to freeze a bottle of water and place it at an angle in front of your fan. You could also use a bowl with ice or iced-water for a similar result.


Get domestic air conditioning installed

Have you considered having air conditioning installed in your home? Air conditioning units are no longer simply for offices, shops, hotels and other commercial settings.

These days domestic air conditioning units are quite slimline and compact, so they don’t take up a lot of space or look unsightly.

They don’t take too long to fit – around a day, depending on your property and how many rooms you want air conditioning installed in. And, they have the added benefit of being able to produce warm air for you in cooler months.

At Stevenson Heating, we are accredited to install and maintain domestic air conditioning. We also have a range of fans for sale, including desk and tower fans.

Contact us on 020 8462 8822, email info@stevensonheating.co.uk or request a callback to find out more or get a quote for having air conditioning installed in your home.

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