Carbon monoxide and why it’s dangerous

By JR | Blog

We recently contributed to an article on Sweepsmart about carbon monoxide poisoning.

As we’ve mentioned before, carbon monoxide is the silent killer. You don’t know it’s there, but it can be deadly.

That’s why we recommend that you have your boiler and any associated gas appliances serviced each year. That includes any gas fires. And, have an audible carbon monoxide alarm fitted. We can do both for you.

carbon monoxide alarm

Here’s what we say in the article about audible alarms:

Andy Oliver, Managing Director at Stevenson Heating Ltd advises “The Gas Safe Register recommends the use of audible carbon monoxide alarms. It should be marked to EN 50291 and also have the British Standards’ Kitemark or another European approval organisation’s mark on it. We supply and fit the leading brands such as Honeywell or Fire Angel. Both are rated at and above the relevant standards.

“We recommend that you fit an alarm in each room with a gas appliance. When doing so, you should always follow the alarm manufacturer’s instructions on siting, testing and replacing the alarm. Also, don’t forget that it is important to choose an alarm that will wake you up if you’re asleep. Otherwise, you may not be aware of early CO symptoms until it is too late.”

And here’s a handy guide from the Gas Safe Register on carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms:

carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms

Read the full Sweepsmart article here.

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