Help Arlo to raise funds for King’s and the PRUH

By JR | Blog

Remember when we helped Arlo and his family on DIY SOS a couple of years ago?

Well, now Arlo’s dad Mike is on a mission to fundraise for King’s and the PRUH. And he needs your help!


Great Hospital Hike


Great Hospital Hike with people walking and logo

On 18 September, Mike will be taking part with friends in The Great Hospital Hike, for King’s College Hospital Charity.

He’ll be walking the 17 miles from King’s College Hospital in Denmark Hill to the Princess Royal University Hospital in Bromley. Arlo has spent considerable time in both hospitals, including the first 576 days of his life.

Arlo, pictured below and now aged 5, was born with a genetic lung condition, which means he is always connected to a ventilator with high flow oxygen. He also relies on a feeding peg in his tummy and needs constant care.



Special wheelchair for Arlo

As well as donating to the hospital hike, Mike is fundraising towards a special wheelchair for Arlo.

Given Arlo is one of only a handful of people in the UK with this genetic lung condition, he needs a lot of oxygen and other equipment with him constantly.

As a standard wheelchair will not hold what he needs, his family would like a bespoke wheelchair that will carry everything for him.

So, please help Mike to fundraise if you can. We will be donating!

You can donate at Arlo’s Go Fund Me page.

You can also find out more about Arlo and his journey on his Arlo’s Army Facebook page.


Images courtesy of Mike Newcombe and Arlo’s Army Facebook page.