Boiler Plus – What is all the fuss?

By PaulS | Blog

The Government has recently launched a new initiative, Boiler Plus which is designed to encourage energy efficiency in domestic premises.

But what does that mean to you?

It means your new installation quote will be slightly higher than before the scheme started as from April 6th 2018 any new boiler installation will need to include:
  1. A boiler rated at or above 92% ErP and include an energy efficient
  2. Time and temperature controls.
  3. If it is a combination boiler it must include at least one energy efficient measure from a list of four available options:


  • Flue gas heat recovery
  • Weather Compensation device
  • Load compensation device
  • Smart heating controls.
The most common options are the load compensations devices (such as compatible Manufacturer controls) or smart heating controls such as Nest or Hive.

What if I do not want a new control?

Unfortunately as this is now part of Building regulations and any installer who fails to install a new boiler in line with these rules will be breaking the law.
Also, any homeowner who knowingly allows non-compliant work to be carried out could also face prosecution and fines of up to £5,000.

Why are these new rules being introduced?

This legislation has been introduced to help the UK meet their carbon emission target by 2020. It is part of a broader ranges of changes that have been added to the existing regulations over the last few years.
For more information, the HHIC have created a consumer guide to the changes which can be downloaded here – HHIC Boiler Plus Consumer Fact Sheet.