Water Softener Benefits

By JR | Blog

Do you have a water softener? If not you might want to consider one.

Are you fed up of hard water? Most of London and the South East has very hard water, so if you’re local to us and reading this, the chances are you do too. A water softener can help you overcome some of the issues with hard water. Read on to find out why…

Water softener - woman in shower

What is hard water?

Hard water has a lot of dissolved minerals in it, generally magnesium and calcium. Over time, this causes scale to build up, which can cause problems with your pipework and appliances.

It also doesn’t look very nice. You’ve probably noticed the white build up around your taps, in your kettle or a dullness to some of your surfaces, especially glass and chrome.

Perhaps you’re used to getting rid of it with anti-limescale products or descaler. But have you considered a water softener? This will attach to your mains supply (usually under the kitchen sink) and soften the water as it comes into your home.


Having a water softener:

1. Reduces unsightly limescale build up in your pipes and taps
2. Doesn’t fur up your heating system
3. Improves the life of your appliances (kettles, washing machines)
4. Means shinier taps, bath/shower fittings and surfaces
5. Helps soap to lather more easily
6. Leaves your hair and skin softer
7. Reduces your energy bills

We can install a water softener for you. And if you already have one, we can supply the salt in block, tablet or granular form.


Water softener salt

We have three different types – block salt, tablet salt and granular salt.

Block salt images

Whatsmore, if you spend over £25 on salt, we will deliver it for free within a 3-mile radius of our West Wickham shop.

Give us a call on 020 8462 8822, email us or drop into our shop to place an order or top up your salt supplies.