Save Energy Save Money with our Boiler Offer

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Upgrade your boiler with our Save Energy Save Money offer

Save energy and save money this winter when you upgrade to an energy efficient boiler with us.


Stevenson Heating eco boiler offer 2022 landscape


We’re delighted to tell you about our Winter 2022 boiler offer! Save money and save energy on your heating.

We’ll give you £300 off the cost of a new eco-friendly A-rated boiler, along with a free SMART heating control, worth £200. Simply book your installation with us by the end of March to qualify (see below for more info).


Why upgrade?

Is your boiler getting old? Is it not working efficiently? Or maybe it’s costing you lots to maintain and repair.

If any of these things are true for you, it’s definitely time for an upgrade! In any case, boilers over ten years old waste a lot of valuable energy.

New A-rated condensing boilers are far more energy efficient. Did you know, they improve efficiency to over 90%, compared to an average of 60% for older boilers?

This means that 90%+ of the energy goes to heating your home (with the rest used to operate the boiler). Older boilers use around 40% of energy just to operate!

A-rated boilers are also kinder to the environment and can help to reduce your energy bills by around 15%-30% too.


Minimise energy price increases

With the energy price cap rising in April by around 51%, fuel bills are likely to soar for many households.

So, upgrading to an A-rated energy efficient boiler can help save money on your energy bills and minimise the impact of the price cap increase.


Free SMART control for your heating

As part of the Save Energy Save Money offer, we’ll give you a free Drayton Wiser smart control for your boiler (alongside your installation), worth approximately £200.

Drayton wiser smart control - hi res

A smart control allows you to control your heating remotely from your phone or other device. That means you can turn your heating on when you leave work, for example, and it’s all toasty by the time you get home! Ideal if you don’t go out or come home at the same time every day.

With a smart control, you can usually just heat the rooms you’re using too. So, you don’t need to waste energy in the rooms you’re not in.


Be ready for future boiler changes

You may have heard that you won’t be able to install a gas boiler after 2025. This is only true for new build homes. If you have a gas boiler in an existing property, you will still be able to replace it after 2025. For a time, at least.

We’re likely to see more sustainable heating options become available, like ground source heat pumps and hydrogen boilers. Hydrogen is a carbon-free alternative to natural gas, so that’s the most likely solution to replace the majority of existing gas boilers.

At the moment, gas boiler manufacturers are working on greener alternatives. And boilers that will take a blend of hydrogen and natural gas are already available. This includes manufacturers like Worcester Bosch, for whom we’re a registered installer.


So, to summarise, our Save Energy Save Money boiler offer gives you:

✅ £300 off the cost of a new A-rated boiler
✅ A smart control worth £200 to control your heating

So you can:

💷 Save money on your heating bills
🌍 Be kinder to the environment
♨ Only heat the rooms you’re using
📱 Turn your heating on remotely only when you need it
♻ Be ready for when hydrogen gas is likely to be introduced

To qualify for the Save Energy Save Money offer, book your new boiler installation with us by 31 March 2022*.

Call us on 020 8462 8822, request a callback or email us at info@stevensonheating.co.uk for a quote, using ref: ENERGYSAVER2022.

*Term & Conditions apply – ask us for details.



Summer Price Freeze: Buy Now to Save Later

By JR | Blog

Benefit now from our Price Freeze

We’re freezing our current prices until the end of August!

This gives you a great opportunity to get some work done around your home over the summer months.

Stevenson Heating Summer Price Freeze 2021

Why are prices increasing?

Prices are going up everywhere you look right now – partly due to Covid and partly due to Brexit. There is, of course, a knock-on effect on supply chains. This includes for many of our suppliers in the heating, plumbing and electrical industries.

But the good news is, we’re not passing on these increases to you right now. We want to give you chance to get some work done around your home before we have to put our prices up.


What’s included in the price freeze?

Have you thought about getting your boiler serviced while you’re not using it over the summer? Or how about upgrading your radiators, taps or shower fittings? The summer months are the best time to get some of these things done.


Our summer price freeze includes:

Boiler service – did you know that summer is the best time for your annual service when you’re not relying on your heating?

New radiators – upgrading to more efficient radiators can save you energy and money on your heating bills.

New taps & fittings – replace old, tired or leaking taps, shower or bath fittings to give them a new lease of life.

Boiling water taps – would you like instant access to hot water without boiling a kettle?

Water softeners – reduce the effects of ‘hard water’ limescale in your home with a Limetron fitted to your mains or a water softener under the sink.

Home security – have you considered a video doorbell and security cameras at home? We can install them for you, so you can keep an eye on your property, your pets and your loved ones at the touch of a button.

To qualify for the summer price freeze, book your heating, plumbing or electrical job with us by 31 August 2021*.

Call 020 8462 8822, request a callback or email info@stevensonheating.co.uk for a quote using ref: SUMMER2021.

*Term & Conditions apply – ask us for details.