Is your home as warm as you would like it?

Does it take a long time for radiators to warm up?

Do your radiators have cold spots?


Many households have replaced boilers over the years but have kept the same radiators and pipework. The efficiency of radiators deteriorates over the years due to a build-up of sludge within the system. Radiators then take longer to heat costing you more on your energy bills.

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We will visit you home, take thermal pictures of your radiators and show you exactly how well they are performing based on the thermal images. FREE.

After your boiler, your radiators are the most important part in your home heating system but how do you know if they are working properly?

Although they appear to be simple metal panels that get hot when your home is cold, how hot they get and how that heat is spread across the radiator affects their performance. Which then affects how quickly your home warms up, how warm and how comfortable your home becomes.

Properly performing radiators will heat evenly and radiate that heat to your room quickly and evenly.

Radiators in poor condition will have cold spots and in some cases whole sections that do not heat up at all which means there is less heat radiated into your room so it takes longer to get to a comfortable temperature, if at all.



The radiator before cleaning. Note the dark coloured (colder) area at 15.75 C
The radiator after cleaning. The radiator now has a more even surface temperature.


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Make sure that your heating system is switched on at least an hour before the engineer attends. That’s it, we do the rest.

As an example of what could be in your heating system water and causing the cold spots and diminished performance, below is an example of the system water we recently visited showing the colour of the system water, the amount of debris removed from the system.

Water from the heating system, in a clear tube before cleaning.

The debris collected by a magnetic stick