Christmas Opening Times 2020-2021

By PaulS | Blog

We know that things can sometimes go wrong with your heating, when you least expect or need it to, so over this holiday period we will be open and available on the days given below, including by phone.

Just a couple of things to note:

1. Although we are open, quite a lot of staff are taking holidays, so we will be working with reduced numbers.

2. Our usual emergency engineer out-of-hours cover will be available every day, except the Public Holidays.

3. Days marked with an asterisk (*) may have slightly earlier closing times than normal.


Day / Date




Wednesday 22nd December Open Open Open
Thursday 23rd December Open Open Open
Friday 24th December Open * Open * Open *
Saturday 25th December Closed Closed Closed
Sunday 26th December Closed Closed Closed
Monday 27th December Public Holiday Public Holiday Public Holiday
Tuesday 28th December  Public Holiday  Public Holiday  Public Holiday
Wednesday 29th December Open * Open * Open *
Thursday 30th December Open * Open * Open *
Friday 31st December Open * Open * Open *
Saturday 1st January Closed Closed Closed
Sunday 2nd January Closed Closed Closed
Monday 3rd January Public Holiday Public Holiday Public Holiday
Tuesday 4th January Open Open Open

* Opening & closing times may vary.