Book Swap at West Wickham Station

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Community Provides Book Swap for Locals


We recently contributed £50 to the new West Wickham book swap, which is inside the station’s waiting room. The money went towards the cost of some books.

The local community have come together to create the book swap, following a discussion on the West Wickham Community Facebook Group, led by group admin Karin Gerwat. With the support of the new station manager, Scott McMillan, people have donated bookcases and books so that commuters can have something to read on their journeys.

Book Swap at West Wickham station
Karin Gerwat’s daughters pictured with station manager, Scott McMillan


Support Pledged

Karin began a discussion in the West Wickham group after seeing a similar book swap in Beckenham Junction station. The idea gained lots of interest from group members, who pledged their support with books and bookcases. 

She said: “I had the idea when I saw a similar book swap at Beckenham Junction station. When I commuted, I used to read a lot. I thought how useful it would be to have a place to exchange books you’ve read. I posted in the West Wickham Community Group and the response was phenomenal.”


Charity Shops

Our £50 was spent on books at the local Demelza Hospice, Salvation Army and Mind charity shops on the High Street.

Karin’s daughters, Leela (12) and Yaneena (16) also collected and donated some books, as part of their pageant duties for the Miss Inspiration pageant.

Andy Oliver, MD of Stevenson Heating Ltd, said: “I saw Karin’s thread on Facebook and thought what a fab idea it was. So, we decided to donate £50 to start off the swap, which we asked her to spend in local charity shops. It’s important to us as a West Wickham business to keep the money within the local community, for the benefit of residents.”

If you have books to donate or would like to use the book swap, pop into West Wickham station’s waiting room between 6am and 6pm.



New Landlord Electrical Safety Regulations

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Proposed Landlord Electrical Safety Standards

Are you a landlord renting out your house or flat in the private sector? If so, proposed new electrical safety regulations will require regular checks on your property from July 2020. Here’s what this might mean for you.


landlords rented housing

In January 2020, the Government proposed detailed regulations for compulsory 5-year electrical safety checks in the private rented sector. These will operate alongside the current Gas Safety Regulations already in place for rented properties.

The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 still need to be approved (at the time of writing) by the House of Commons and the House of Lords before they take effect. But this is likely just a formality. When approved, the regulations will apply to new tenancies from July 2020 and from April 2021 for existing tenancies.

electrical safety standards private rented sector


Landlord Responsibilities under the new Electrical Safety Standards

As a landlord, it will be your responsibility to supply safe electrical installations for your tenants. You will also need to arrange for regular testing by a qualified electrician:

New tenancies – from 1 July 2020:

– Before each new tenancy begins, and at every change in tenancy

And then at least every five years throughout the duration of the tenancy

– More regularly than every five years if the safety report requires it.

Existing tenancies – from 1 April 2021:

First inspection to be carried out before 1 April 2021

And at least every five years throughout the duration of the tenancy

– More regularly than every five years if the safety report requires it.


Electrical safety reports

Your electrician will provide you with a written report after the inspection. This will include the results and any remedial action you need to take to repair/improve your installations.

You must keep a copy of the report and give your tenants a copy within 28 days of the inspection.

What happens if there are electrical faults or I fail the inspection?

If your electrical safety report identifies a fault or potential fault, you must ensure it is rectified within 28 days or less, depending on what the report says.

Once the problems are sorted, you will get written confirmation that the installation is now to standard or that further work is required. And again, you need to send this confirmation to your tenants within 28 days.

A qualified, registered electrician, such as those approved by the NICEIC, must carry out the remedial works. All of Stevenson Heating’s electricians are suitably qualified to carry out the inspections and remedial work.

Why do I have to do this?

If you don’t comply with the new electrical safety standards, your Local Authority will have a duty to act. Depending on the nature of the breach, this could be in the form of a ‘remedial notice’, enforced remedial works and even fines of up to £30,000 and cost recovery measures.

As such, ignoring the new legislation really could cost you greatly!


How Stevenson Heating can help

Here at Stevenson Heating, we can carry out the required electrical inspection and provide you with all of the necessary electrical safety certification. We can also carry out any remedial work, if needed.

We are NICEIC registered and can make sure your property checks are conducted in accordance with the new legislation when it is passed.

If you also provide gas appliances for your tenants, we can carry out your gas safety inspections too.

Choose us for both electrical and gas safety checks at the same time and we will give you a 10% discount.

To book your safety checks in preparation for July contact us on 020 8462 8822 or request a call back.



Gas fire service includes free carbon monoxide alarm

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Gas fires are a carbon monoxide danger

If you have a gas fire, when did you last have it serviced?

gas fire 1

Did you know that gas fires are a common cause of carbon monoxide poisoning? People aren’t always aware that they need to get them checked regularly, so they can often go quite some time without being serviced. This, of course can lead to problems, things going wrong and, unfortunately, a higher risk of carbon monoxide leaking.

As you may know, carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless, yet deadly. It’s not called the silent killer for nothing! Read our previous blog about the dangers.


Annual service

We recommend that you have your gas fire serviced annually. This will keep it working perfectly and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning to you and your family.

It’s a great idea to get your fire serviced at the same time as having your annual boiler service, saving you time and multiple appointments. We can do both for you, so give us a call on 020 8462 8822 or request a call back to arrange your appointment.


Free carbon monoxide alarm with gas fire services

gas fire service free carbon monoxide alarm

We also recommend that you have an audible carbon monoxide alarm in each room where you have a gas appliance – usually where your boiler is and in each room you have a gas fire or other gas appliance.

An audible alarm will wake you up if there’s a problem while you’re asleep. They’re easy to fit – simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions. But, of course we can fit one for you too.

And, because we think it’s so important to look after your gas fires as well as your boiler, we’re offering anyone with a gas fire a FREE audible carbon monoxide alarm when you have a gas fire service with us.

So don’t delay, get your gas fire checked out now and receive your free carbon monoxide alarm. Contact us to arrange an appointment on 020 8462 8822, request a callback or email info@stevensonheating.co.uk.



Christmas Opening Times 2019-2020

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We know that things can sometimes go wrong when you least expect or need it, so over this holiday period we will be open and available (that includes the telephones) on the days given below.

Just a couple of things to note:

1. Although we are open, quite a lot of staff are taking holidays so we will be working with reduced numbers.

2. All days except the Public Holidays will have the normal emergency engineer out of normal working hours cover.

3. Days marked with an asterisk (*) may have slightly earlier closing times than normal.


Day / Date




Thursday 19th December Open Open Open
Friday 20th December Open Open Open
Saturday 21st December Open AM Closed Closed
Sunday 22nd December Closed Closed Closed
Monday 23rd December Open Open Open
Tuesday 24th December Open * Open * Open *
Wednesday 25th December Public Holiday Public Holiday Public Holiday
Thursday 26th December  Public Holiday  Public Holiday  Public Holiday
Friday 27th December Open  Open * Open *
Saturday 28th December Open AM Closed Closed
Sunday 29th December Closed Closed Closed
Monday 3th December Open Open Open
Tuesday 31st December Open * Open * Open *
Wednesday 1st January Public Holiday Public Holiday Public Holiday
Thursday 2nd January Open Open Open


* Opening & closing times may vary.



Macmillan Coffee Morning – 27th September

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Help us support Macmillan Cancer – join us for coffee and cake!

We’re thrilled to be hosting a Coffee Morning as part of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning!

Join us at our shop in West Wickham for coffee, tea and cake to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. The fun takes place on Friday 27th September, from 10am to 12pm.

Macmillan coffee morning invite

We’ll be selling cake and refreshments all morning in aid of this worthy cause.

Please come along and help us raise money. Let us know if you can make it by responding to our Facebook event, calling 020 8462 8822 or emailing info@stevensonheating.co.uk.

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